798CUBE Art Museum
Beijing, China
798CUBE Art Museum, a renovation project, is located inside 798 art district adjacent to Pace Art Museum and Minsheng Museum of Modern Art, both were also designed by Zhu Pei in 2009 and 2016 separately.

The idea of the art museum begins with the sensitive and in-depth observation of surroundings in a specific area, and the original old industrial plants are retained as many as possible. On this basis, new buildings are injected, so as to create the tension between the new and old buildings, and complement each other with surrounding industrial buildings, such as Pace Art Museum.

The design of the art museum traces the texture of the original industrial heritage, adopts a series of cubes to shape the order of orthogonal geometric shapes and reflects the construction and planning logic of 798 art district. It is particularly worth mentioning that the magically variable central courtyard transforms the original square surrounded by the three sides of industrial plants into a relatively closed central courtyard with the help of an independent cast-in-situ concrete wall. The huge steel beam sliding crane spans the concrete walls from north to south. It can not only hang art installations, but also a mechanical traction device, which opens canvas with natural drooping, approximate inverted arch and variable shape one by one. According to the weather and sunshine angle, these inverted arch canvas can be opened and closed at will for shading and rain protection. It is a place where people gather, a venue for the opening ceremony and an outdoor exhibition.





This museum design also captures the material characteristics of industrial plants in 798 art district, takes cast-in-situ concrete and red brick as the main materials, and highlights the construction characteristics of the joint and transformation between the structural form and the partition wall.

Once again, the design concept explored columnless, horizontally extended structural forms and tectonic expressiveness. The two newly built exhibition halls adopt the columnless long-span cast-in-situ concrete structure. One is the arched curved beam, which is diffused from the adjacent two arches with the natural sky light. The other is the concrete multi ribbed beam to convey the characteristics of the material itself.


  • Design Year: 2015-2016

    Completion Year: 2020

    Area: 3,541sqm



    North side of Creative Square, 798 Art Zone,

    Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District,

    Beijing, China


    Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design:

    Studio Zhu Pei


    Design Principal:

    Zhu Pei


    Design Team:

    Shuhei Nakamura, You Changchen,

    Zhang Shun, Liu Ling, Wang Liyan,

    Jia Bin, Ding Xinyue, Chang Jiang



  • Structural and MEP Consultant:

    The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture China Academy of Art CO., LTD.


    Lighting Consultant:

    Ning Field Lighting Design CO., LTD.




  • Client:

    Beijing Qixing Huadian Science and Technology CO., LTD.


    General Contractor:

    Handan Second Building Institute Co., LTD.


    Photography by Jin Weiqi, Zhu Runzi

C7   Universal Creative Park
9 Jiuxianqiao North Road,  Beijing

TEL: 86-10-86227468

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