2019 . 11 . 13

798CUBE Welcomes a Significant Cultural Exchange Project Between China and France.

A recent project by Studio Zhu Pei, 798CUBE Art Center, welcomes a significant cultural exchange project between China and France798CUBE five-year collaboration project. This project will be joint by the Beijing 798 Creative Industry Investment Co, Ltd, The Musée National Picasso-Paris and the Foundation Giacometti. The Chinese and French teams will be working together to stage a series of 10 major exhibitions over the next five years featuring works from Picasso and Giacometti, as well as other cultural exchange projects. This long-term art collaboration will encourage an in-depth exchange and development within the cultural and creative industries between China and France.


798 CUBE Art Center is located in the heart of Beijing's iconic cultural landmark the 798 Art Zone. Continuing the artistic style of 798 Art Zone, the design of the building was emphasized on the spatial flexibility and versatility. When designing the functional space of the art center, it called on the art of China's traditional courtyards, and reflected the comfort of the human space, which embodies the integration of technology and the art of architecture.


The Art Center covers an area of 3,600 square meters includes two main galleries, a malleable courtyard, a lecture hall, an art education space, a design store and a restaurant. The building is currently in the final stage of construction and is expected to be completed in March 2020. Its first major exhibition will be opened in June 2020.

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