Taimiao Art Museum

Design:  2013-2014

Construction:  2014-2015

Location:  Beijing, China


The new construction will take place in the east and west courtyards. Given the spiritual and historical significance of the site, our architects will facilitate methods of integrating these new buildings without in anyway disturbing the sanctity of their surroundings.


The new buildings will demonstrate the following characteristics:


Aesthetically Innovative

Visitors must feel they are walking within a “work of art” upon entering the new constructions. The buildings will pursue the highest standard of aesthetic and architectural innovation while maintaining the proper amount of discretion and respect to its surroundings. It must be a seminal example of contemporary architecture, effortlessly compatible with the ancient sanctuary of its location.



The building must be completely invisible from the exterior of the complex, and barely visible when inside. The design will therefore establish a height requirement for the structure that is lower than the surrounding walls.

Special attention will be paid to landscaping the roof, whether it's through the installation of a roof garden or water based structure. This will prevent any visual distinction between the aerial view of the construction and its surroundings.



In consideration of the rising popularity of high profile, prefabricated building structures, the new buildings will be temporary, allowing no foundation in our structures. Should the client decide to, the buildings can be easily dismantled and easily relocated.