Jingjiang Cultural Center

Design:  2013-2014

Construction:  2015-

Location:  Jingjiang, Jiangsu, China

The proposed green belt creates a strong north-south axis that starts from the river and terminates at the civic buildings adjacent to our site. Transforming out site into a strong public anchor to this urban corridor we focused on fitting the dense programmatic requirements into a building that could be equally as flexible as the adjacent park spaces. The program is broken down into two primary components: the entertainment center, largely driven by the performance theater, and the cultural center, which consists of the museum, culture center, and library. These components are articulated in two distinct languages which is then unified with a large floating plane. The lifted plane generates an inviting interior/exterior space underneath its canopy. With a simple gesture the plane touches down to connect with the citizen square, allowing for a fluid entry into the elevated roof plane in which the each distinct form is married into one open plan.