Art Museum of Yue Minjun

Design:  2007-2008

Location:  Dujiangyan, Sichuan, China


On one hand, there are fantastic landscapes for Qingcheng Mountain, with continuous brooks and wreathed mist…

On the other hand, there are private art galleries, with extremely personal art attitudes and contemporary features…

When tracing back to ancient times and dreaming of future, we find two contrary propositions that meet and collide in Qingcheng Mountain.

What type of architecture language can be used to tell such incompatible and interesting encounter?


Not far away, Dujiang Weir, with more than 2,000 years of history, has been witnessing the thought of “complying with nature and combining human and nature” and also fostering a special natural and cultural environment for this area. In this project, we try to talk with nature in an inheritance way and try to create amedium to overlap reality and imagination, nature and technology, tradition and future which seem to be contrary.


The art museum, located by the Shimeng River, is designed into an organic form full of smoothness and diversity, which is like a cobble taken from the river. A light metal coating is applied to this ancient natural form, mildly reflects surrounding scenes and melts into nature, which is like a piece of concealed clothes and full of sense of future, making the building suspend over the ground and be like a flying body from the future. Therefore, we present an art museum which features artists' direct and affirmed personal attitudes, participates in nature in a “lost” way and starts a secret dialogue with ancient times in a language of future.  





Architect: Studio Pei-Zhu


Design Principal: Zhu Pei

Lead Designer: Zeng Xiaoming

Project Team: He Fan, Jiao Chongxia, Li Yongquan,  Fan Xuelan


Structural Consultant: Rory McGowan (Arup), Xu Minsheng (CHINA HIGH-RISE CONSTRUCTION INVESTMENT CO., LTD)