Beijing Publishing House

Design:  2006–2007

Construction:  2007-2008  

Location:  Beijing, China    


Publishing MicroCity is a project to transform an existing 12 storey office block occupied by the Beijing Publishing Corporation into a centre promoting creativity within the publishing industry. It also aims to increase public interest in publishing. The site has a prominent corner location on Beijing’s busy north third ring road, on the north-south axis running between the Forbidden City in the centre and the Olympic Park in the North. 

Working from this premise the project seeks to create a microcosm of the surrounding urban fabric within one building – a MicroCity focused on publishing. The existing homogenous, compartmentalized office building will be transformed into a heterogeneous mix of linked spaces for work, learning, retail and leisure. Public and communal space is introduced into a previously closed building, vertical paths of communication between floors opened up, and outdoor spaces connecting the occupants with the city created.

It is hoped that the opportunities for interaction found in the inter sections between the spaces and activities contained within the building, and the connections (at once visual, physical and programmatic) made with the city beyond, will foster a creative and vibrant atmosphere which stimulates life not only within the building itself, but also in the urban fabric that surrounds it.




Architect: Studio Zhu-Pei


Design Principal: Zhu Pei, Wu Tong

Lead Designer: Li Shaohua, Jiao Chongxia

Project Team: Mark Broom, Lu Wei, Frisly Colop-Morales, He Fan, Dai Lili, Xi Weidong, Yang Chao


Structural Consultant: Xu Minsheng