Shenzhen Urban Planning Bureau

Design:  2001-2002

Construction:  2002-2004

Location:  Shenzhen, China


The openness and flexibility of the building image is not only expressed materially by the extensive use of glass, but also characterized by the transparent organization of space. The different functions exhibition space, offices, conference center, office unit components are clearly arranged behind glass facade so as to be easily read by the public.

The design uses a double-height office unit as the basic cell of the whole office system. With light steel structure, such unit resides in a predetermined large concrete structural space, and it can grow according to programmatic requirement. Thus the whole office system is flexible to adopt any future changes.

The building takes a compact form, it has a simple, impressive silhouette that is in marked contrast to the surrounding environment. The minimal and self-restrained design presents both the modesty and solemnity of a government building, but in contrast to rigid image of typical government buildings, the aim of the architects was to produce a building with an open, transparent and flexible image.

An intimate connection is made between the building and the ground and the building becomes an unconscious extension of the surrounding environment. The bridges over the shallow pools provide a poetic link between the building and the site, and act as a security measure. The glass facades offer varying degrees of transparency, reflecting the surrounding landscape and laying the function of the building open to public society.